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Colombian Lullaby - Duérmete Niño -

The predominantly Spanish influence asserts itself in the melody and the rhythms are rooted in the African and traditional styles. Here the child is hopefully invited to go to sleep early "before the owl comes"; then in the last verse ironically, at least "before the rooster crows".

This song uses the notes C-C#-D-D#-E-F#-G-A-Bb & B, which mixes both sharps and flats. The tonic is E. You will notice the dissonance of the flattened fifth (Bb) against the sixth (C#) during the cock crow in seventh measure of each verse. Fourth in a series of eight tracks.

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Duérmete niñ.o.
Duérmete tú.
Antes que venga el currucutú.,

Sleep, little one.
Sleep thou my child.
Before the owl comes,

Sleep, little one.
Sleep thou my child.
Before the rooster comes
Cock-a-doodle do!
Duérmete niño.
Duérmete tú..
Antes que vonga el guanaguana qui-qui-ri-qui
Tempo Beat per minute 77.06
Scale Coding 11/211/7
Notes Used C C# D D# E - F# G - A Bb B -
Span Bb to D#
Tonic E
Short MP3 preview (669K)