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Danish Lullaby - Visselulle, min lire

The final lullaby of this eight song descending sequence is at the slow tempo of 31 beats per minute. Hans Christian Anderson had something to do with preserving this lullaby for posterity. He wrote the foreword for the collection, "Bemenes Musik (1850)", from which it is taken.

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Visselulle, min lire,
Visselulle, min lire,
Havde jeg suadanne fire
Fire-og-tyve i hver en Vraa
Saa skulde alle vore Vugger gaa,
Visselulle, min lire!
Visselulle, min lire!
Sleep my little one
Lullaby my baby
Had I only now such four,
Four-and-twenty in a row,
Then should all the cradles go
Lullaby my baby.
Lullaby my baby


Tempo Beat per minute 30.90
Scale Coding 11/2/5
Notes Used C C# D - E F F# G Ab A Bb B -
Span Ab to C#
Tonic C
Short MP3 preview (731K)