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Greek Lullaby - Aíde, aíde, kimísou, kórí mou
This cradle song with its cry of "Nani, Nani, Nani" is found throughout Greece in a variety of versions. The Latin poet Horace referred to it in the first of his Epistles as "the lullaby of children which promises a kingdom to those who are good."

There is an old notion that on the third night following the birth, each child is visited by the "Moirai", the three fates. They will decide the future fortunes and misfortunes of the child and the length of this life. Although periods and times of visitations vary, the manner of receiving these supernatural visitors seems to be universal. Dogs must be tied up. All superfluous furniture must be removed, lest they should trip. They are propitiated by a banquet of cakes, honey, bread, and wine. Sometimes gold and silver are left. as though even the fates are susceptible to a bribe. The convention of the promise of kingdoms to the child is an old one.

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Aíde, aíde, kimísou, kórí mou
K'eghó k'eghó ná soú kharíso tín
Alexandra zákhari
Ké to ké tó Misí ri rí zi
Ke tín Konstantantinoúpoli
Trís khrónous ná tín rízis


Now then sleep, sleep my child.
Sleep and dream my lovely child.
I'll give you the city of Alexandria in sugar;
All of Cairo in rice.
And rich Constantinople.
And there you shall reign for three years.

Tempo Beat per minute 86.04
Scale Coding 9/389/6
Notes Used - C# D - E - F# G - - A# B -
Span G to A#
Tonic F#
Short MP3 preview (673K)