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Hopi Lullaby - Pu'va, Pu'va, Pu'va

This lullaby from the Hopi tribe from Arizona serves to quiet a restless child. It is sung by both mothers and fathers, and makes the amusing analogy between the custom of carrying infants on adult backs, and that of the beetles on the trail who sleep on each-other's backs.

This is the second lullaby in the eight lullaby sequence from wakefullness to sound sleep. It was recorded in England, in the same sessions as the other seven, although it had originally been arranged and programmed during my son's first year of life in Hawaii. The source was "Lullabies of The World" by Dorothy Berliner Commins, a copy of which I had found in the Hilo library shortly before my son's birth in 1992.

Click here to view /hear fun Flash cartoon and find downloads for both albums.

Pu'va pu'va, pu'va,
Ho ho ya wu
Shuh po pa ve e.
No i kwi o Kian go
Pu'va, pu'va, pu'va.
Pu'va, pu'va, pu'va.
On the trail the beetles
On each others' backs are sleeping
So on mine my baby, thou.
Pu'va, pu'va, pu'va.
Pu'va, pu'va, pu'va
Tempo Beat per minute 92.35
Scale Coding 8/7/4
Notes Used C - D - - F F# G - A Bb B
Span Bb to F#
Tonic G
Short MP3 preview (642K)