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Indonesian Lullaby: Lelo Ledung

A fast lullaby to entrain the waking mind.

I used my young son, as a guinea-pig to test the effect of this traditional lullaby from Jakarta.  He was a very happy baby, rarely cried, and would quickly synchronise with the cheerful beat. Lelo Ledung was collected by Dorothy Berliner Commins and published in her 1967 Random House publication "Lullabies of The World". This instrumental arrangement was LucyTuned, and recorded at SkyArc Studios, Bournemouth, England in the summer of 1994, as the first of a series of eight lullabies.  The translation of the Indonesian lyrics are rather strange, yet since it is an instrumental, and I know little of the original language, it may be best to invent your own.

Click here to view /hear fun Flash cartoon and find downloads for both albums.

Tak lelo lelo lelo ledung,
Tjup menenga adfa pidjer nangis
Anakku sing aju rupane
Nek nangis ndak ilang ajune
Tak gadang bisa urip muljo
Dadija wanita utama
Ngluhurke asmane wong yuwa
Dadijo pendekaring bangsa
Tjup menenga anakku
Kae bulane ndadari
Kaja ndas buta nggilani
Lagi nggoleki tjah nangis
Tak lelo lelo lelo ledung
Tjup menenga anakku tjah aju
Tak emban slendang batik kawung
Jen nangis mudak gawe bingung
Tak lelo lelo lelo ledung,
Be quiet and don't keep crying,
My lovely child.
If you cry your loveliness will
fade away.
I hope that you will have an honourable
Life, and be an excellent person.
Upholding your parents' name.
Be a patriot.
Don't cry, my child.
Look the moon is rising
Like a giant's head so dreadful,
Looking for a crying child.
Tak lelo lelo lelo lebung.
Don't keep crying, my lovely child.
I am carrying you in a kain batik kawung.
If you cry, I will be nervous.
Tempo Beat per minute 92.35
Scale Coding 8/7/4
Notes Used C-D--FF#G-ABbB
Span Bb TO F#
Tonic G
Short MP3 preview (609K)