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John Harrison and horology

British Horological Institute
Broadcast in UK, BBC Two on Monday, 4th January, 1999, at 2130 GMT
Longitude - An Horizon special - about John 'Longitude' Harrison
Clockmakers Library - City Of London
NOVA Online - Lost At Sea: The Search for Longitude

Microtuning links

Atlas Of Tonespace
The Arabic Maqam
Bill Sethares' book Tuning, Timbre, Spectrum, Scale - (same old stuff, but seems to get lotsa praise from everyone else)
Mathematics: A Musical Offering Dave Benson manuscript of new book on microtuning to be published by Cambridge University 2006. Interesting historically, rehash of "old school" logic.
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Erv. Wilson's writings on tunings, mapping, geometry etc. - The Wilson Archive
Java Tuner
John Starrett's Microtonal Music Page
Microtonal Synthesis - A useful list of microtunable synths and other hardware
Dictionary of Tuning and Terms
Midi Tempering Utilities (Win program for midi temperament and tuning)
Max Magic Microtuner - (yahoo group for microtonal editor) for mathematical comparison of LucyTuning to 1/4 comma meantone and 12tET


Musical instruments and composition

1000 Great Guitar Sites
ASCAP [Charles Lucy won awards (1995 to 1997, & 2001 to 2009) for his LucyTuning work]
CSOUND for Mac


Maths & Miscellaneous

Eric Weisstein's Treasure of Trove of Mathematics. (Spherical Harmonics)
Some "new age" and historical ideas about colour and pitch
Notes on colour in art, and the physiology of colour vision
Notes on tonality, musical harmony and scales
Music Theory Online
Olav Torvund's Chord Progressions for Guitar
Eunomios, online journal for theory, analysis, and semiotics of music
"zeuxilogy" the musical discipline of "putting together" different pulsations
International Society for the Study of Time 

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