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Lucy Tuned Chords and Scale Coding

When two or more pitches are played simultaneously they are referred to as a chord. In Western harmony there are two fundamental types of chords, known as triads (three notes): Major (sometimes referred to as happy); and minor (sad).

Major chords use the natural third in the pattern I (2L) III (L+s) V (2L+s) VIII. Eg. C-E-G-C: and minor chords use the flatten third instead I (L+s) bIII (2L) V (2L+s) VIII.Eg. C-Eb-G-C

Additional notes are usually identified by their position in the scale, as detailled in the table below: In classical stave notation the note names are clear, yet popular music uses symbols to specify chords. (*There are some strange and partly illogical rules):

*the second (II) as the ninth (IX), which is more commonly the position used.

*Usually the fourth (IV) is described as suspended (sus) eg. Csus4 i.e. C-E-F I-III-IV.

*The seventh note (7) is usually assumed to be the flattened (diminished or dominant) seventh (bVII); if the natural seventh (VII) is used, it is described as the major seventh (Maj7)

*If both a sixth (VI) and a seventh (VII) are used, the chord is usually referred to as a thirteenth (13), if the seventh is flattened (bVII): or as a major thirteenth (Maj13), if the the seventh is a natural (VII).

The terms augmented, +, sharp, or raised are used to show that a note is sharpened, (by L-s) eg. from C to C#: diminished, -, or flattened show that a note is flattened (by L-s) eg. from B to Bb

The two terms used to describe further Major and minor chords respectively are: Augmented and Diminished.

Augmented refers to the pattern I-III-#V, (in 12tET this would be three intervals each of four semitones - splitting the octave into three equal parts). In LucyTuning and other meantones this becomes steps of thirds Eg. C-(2L)-E-(2L)-G#-(2L)-B#. (total = 6L). [If the the flattened seventh (bVII) is use it is described as Aug7. (I-III-#V-bVII)]

Diminished refers to the pattern of I-bIII-bV-bbVI, (four intervals each of three semitones in 12tET - splitting the octave into four equal parts). In LucyTuning and other meantones this becomes steps of flattened thirds Eg. C-(L+s)-Eb-(L+s)-Gb-(L+s)-Bbb-(L+s)-Dbb.(total = 4L+4s). In LucyTuning, of course, this does not exactly split the octave, as in 12tET.

Modal chords is a loose term some musicians use to describe chords which fall outside the usual major/minor designation. Eg: C-(2L+s)-F-(2L+s)-Bb-(2L+s)-Eb - (a chain of fourths).

The (long and slow to load) table below lists how LucyScaleCoding may be used to analyse and synthesise chords (Patience Please!). The table is arranged in ascending scalecoding order.

Scale Coding

Chord Symbol
from C

Note names
In C


Chord Name

Chain of Fifths

Other names from C

Same Notes Chords Major

Same Notes Chords Minor

a b c d e f g h i
1/0/1 C (No III) CG I V C no third CG
1/0/2 Csus (No III No V) CF I IV Csus (no third no fifth) FC F (No III)
2/0/1 C9 (No III No VII) CGD I II V C9 (no third no seventh) CGD Gsus4 (No III)
2/0/2 Csus4 (No IIIrd) CFG I IV V C suspended fourth no Third FCG
2/0/3 C7sus4 (No III No V) CFBb I IV bVII BbFC Bb9 (No III)
2/2/1 C9 (No III No V No VII) CD I II C Ninth no Third Fifth or Seventh) C*D
2/2/3 C7 (No III No V) CBb I bVII C7 (no Third no Fifth) Bb*C
3/0/1 C69 (No III) CGAD I II V VI C Six nine (no Third) CGDA
3/0/2 C9sus4 (No IIIrd) CFGD I IV V IX C9sus4 no Third FCGD
3/0/3 C7sus4 (No III) CFGBb I IV V VII C7sus4 no third BbFCG Gm7sus4 (No V)
3/0/4 Cm7sus4 (No IIIrd) CEbFBb I bIII IV bVII C minor seventh sus 4 no third EbBbFC Eb9 (No VII)
3/2/1 C69 (No III No V) CAD I VI XI C69 no Third no Fifth C*DA D7 (No III)
3/2/3 C7 (No III) CGBb I V bVII C7 no third Bb*CG Gmsus4 (No V)
3/2/4 Cmsus4 (No Vth) CEbF I bIII V C minor sus 4 no fifth Eb*FC F7 (No III)
3/23/1 C9 (No III No V No VII) CD I IX C9 no third no fifth no seventh C**D
3/23/4 Cm (No V) CEb I bIII C minor no fifth Eb**C
3/3/1 C6 (No III) CGA I V VI C sixth no Third CG*A Am7 (No Vth)
3/3/2 C9sus4 (No III No V) CFD I IV IX C ninth sus 4 no third no fifth FC*D Dm7 (No Vth)
3/3/4 Cm7 (No Vth) CEbBb I bIII bVII C minor 7 no fifth EbBb*C Eb6 (No III)
4/0/1 C69 CEGAD I III V VI XI C sixth ninth CGDAE Am7sus4
4/0/2 C69sus4 (No III) CFGAD I iV V VI IX C sixth ninth sus4 no third FCGDA F69
4/0/3 C9sus4 (No III) CFGBbD I IV V bVII IX C ninth sus 4 no third BbFCGD Bb69 Gm7sus4
4/0/4 Cm11 CEbGBbF I bIII V bVII XI C minor eleventh EbBbFCG Cm7sus4 Eb69
4/0/5 Cm7b6sus4 (No V) CEbFAbBb I bIII IV bVI bVII C minor seventh flat sixth sus4 no fifth AbEbBbFC Fm7sus4
4/2/1 C69 (No VII No Vth) CEAD I III VI IX C sixth ninth (no seventh no fifth) C*DAE Amsus4
4/2/3 C9 (No III) CGBbD I V bVII IX C ninth (no third) Bb*CGD Gmsus4
4/2/4 Cmsus4 CEbFG I bIII IV V C minor suspended fourth Eb*FCG F9 (No III)
4/2/5 C7b6sus4 (No III No V) CFAbBb I IV bVI bVII C seventh flat sixth sus4 no third no fifth Ab*BbFC Fmsus4
4/23/1 C6 (No Vth) CEA I III VI C6 (No V) C**AE Am
4/23/4 Cm CEbG I bIII V C minor Eb**CG
4/23/5 C(b6)sus4 (No III No V) CFAb I bVI bVII C flattened sixth sus4 no third no fifth Ab**FC F minor
4/234/1 C (No V) CE I III C (No fifth) C***E
4/234/5 C (b6) (No III No V) CAb I bVI C flattened sixth no third no fifth Ab***C
4/24/1 C9 (No Vth No VIIth) CED I III IX C9 (No V) (No VII) C*D*E
4/24/3 C9 (No III No VII) CBbD I bVII IX C ninth no third no seventh Bb*C*D
4/24/5 C (b6b7) (No III No V) CAbBb I bVI bVII C flattened sixth & seventh no third no fifth Ab*Bb*C
4/3/1 C6 CEGA I III V VI C sixth CG*AE Am7
4/3/2 C69sus4 (No III No Vth) CFAD I IV VI IX C sixth ninth sus4 no third no fifth FC*DA F6 Dm7
4/3/4 Cm7 CEbGBb I bIII V bVII C minor dominant seventh EbBb*CG Eb6
4/3/5 Cmb6sus4 (No Vth) CEbFAb I bIII IV bVI C minor flat sixth sus four no fifth AbEb*FC Ab6 Fm7
4/34/1 C CEG I III V C Major CG**E C Major
4/34/2 C6sus4 (No III No Vth) CFA I IV VI C sixth sus4 no third no fifth FC**A F Major
4/34/5 Cmb6 (No Vth) CEbAb I bIII bVI C minor sixth no fifth AbEb**C Ab Major
4/4/1 C9 (No VIIth) CEGD I III V IX C Ninth (No VII) CGD*E
4/4/2 C6sus4 (No III) CFGA I IV V VI C sixth sus4 no third FCG*A F9 (No VII)
4/4/3 C9sus4 (No III No V) CFBbD I IV bVII IX C ninth sus4 No third no fifth BbFC*D Bb9 (No VII)
4/4/5 Cm7b6 (No V) CEbAbBb I bIII bVI bVII C minor seventh flat sixth no fifth AbEbBb*C Ab9 (No VII)
5/0/1 CMaj769 CEGABD I II III V VI VII C Major seventh sixth ninth CGDAEB G69sus4 Am9sus4 Emb67sus4
5/0/2 C69sus4 (No VII) CEFGAD I II VI V VI IX C sixth Ninth sus4 no seventh FCGDAE C19 FMaj769 Dm9sus4 Am7b6sus4
5/0/3 C69sus4 (No V) CFGABbD I IV V VI bVII IX C sixth ninth sus fourth no fifth BbFCGDA C15sus4 (NoV)
5/0/4 Cm9sus4 CDEbFGBb I bIII F V bVII C minor ninth suspended fourth EbBbFCGD
5/0/5 Cm7b6sus4 CEbFGAbBb I bIII IV V bVI bVII C minor seventh flattened sixth sus fourth AbEbBbFCG Cmb13sus4
5/0/6 Cm7b6b9sus4 CDbEbFAbBb I bII bIII IV bVI bVII C minor 7 flat 6 flat 9 sus4 DbAbEbBbFC
5/2/1 CMaj96 (No V) CDEAB I II III VI VII C Major Ninth sixth no fifth C*DAEB CMaj15 (No Vth) Am9sus4 (No 7)
5/2/3 C96 (No III) CDGABb I II V VI bVII C Ninth Sixth no third Bb*CGDA C15 (No III) Gm9sus4 (No VII)
5/2/4 Cm9sus4 (No VII) CDEbFG I II bIII IV V C minor ninth sus fourth no seventh Eb*FCGD
5/2/5 C (b6) sus4 (No III) CFGAbBb I IV V bVI bVII C flattened sixth sus fourth no third Ab*BbFCG Fm9sus4 No VII
5/2/6 Cmb9sus4 (No V) CDbEbFBb I bII bIII IV bVII C minor ninth sus fourth no fifth Db*EbBbFC
5/23/4 Cm9 (No VIIth) CEbGD I bIII V IX C minor ninth (No seventh) Eb**CGD
5/23/5 C (b6)sus4 (No III No VII) CFGAb I IV V bVI Ab**FCG Fm9 (No VII)
5/23/6 Cmb9sus4 (No V) CFBbDb I bII IV bVII Db**BbFC
5/234/1 CMaj7 (No V) CEB I III VII C***EB E(b6) (No III)
5/234/5 C(b6) (No III) CGAb I V bVI Ab***CG AbMaj7 (No V)
5/234/6 Csus4b( (No III No V No VII) CFDb I IV bII Db***FC
5/2345/1 CMaj7 (No III No V) CB I VII C****B
5/2345/6 C(b9) (No III No V No VII) CDb I bIX Db****C DbMaj7 (No III No V)
5/24/1 CMaj9 (No V) CEBD I III VII IX C*D*EB
5/24/3 C139 (No III NoV) CABbD I VI bVII IX Bb*C*DA
5/24/5 Cb13 (No III) CGAbBb I V bVI bVII Ab*Bb*CG
5/24/6 Cmb9sus4 (No V No VII) CEbFDb I bIII IV bIX Db*Eb*FC
5/245/1 C Maj9 (No III No V) CBD I VII IX C*D**B Bmb9 (No V No VII)
5/245/3 C13 (No III No V) CABb I VI VII Bb*C**A
5/245/6 Cmb9 (No V No VII) CEbDb I bIII bIX Db*Eb**C
5/25/1 CMaj69 (No III No V) CABD I VI VII IX C*DA*B
5/25/3 C13 (No III) CGABb I V VI bVII Bb*CG*A
5/25/4 Cm9sus4 (No V No VII) CEbFD I bIII IV IX Eb*FC*D
5/25/6 Cmbb9 (No V) CDbEbBb I bII bIII bVII Db*EbBb*C
5/3/1 CMaj13 CEGAB I III V VI VII CG*AEB CMaj76 C6Maj7 Am9
5/3/2 C69sus4 (No V) CEFAD I III IV VI IX FC*DAE Dm9
5/3/4 Cm9 CEbGBbD I bIII V bVII IX C minor Ninth EbBb*CGD Eb6Maj7 (No V)
5/3/5 Cmb6sus4 CEbFGAb I bIII IV V bVI AbEb*FCG Fm9
5/3/6 C(b9)b6sus4 (No III No V) CFAbBbDb I IV bVI bVII bIX DbAb*BbFC Fmb6sus4
5/34/1 CMaj7 CEGB I III V VII C Major Seventh CG**EB Emb6
5/34/2 C6sus4 (No V) CEFA I III IV VI FC**AE Fmaj7 Amb6
5/34/5 Cmb6 CEbGAb I bIII V bVI C minor flattened sixth (minor Neopolitan) AbEb**CG AbMaj7
5/34/6 C(b6)b9sus4 (No III No V) CFAbDb I IV bVI bIX DbAb**FC DbMaj7 Fmb6
5/345/1 CMaj7 (No III) CGB I V VII CG***B Gsus4 (No V) Emb6 (No I)
5/345/2 Csus4 (No V) CEF I III IV FC***E FMaj7 (No III)
5/345/6 C(b6b9) (No III No V) CAbDb I bVI bIX DbAb***C DbMaj7 (No III)
5/35/1 CMaj13 (No III) CGAB I V VI VII CG*A*B Am9 (No V)
5/35/2 C9sus4 (No V No VII) CEFD I III IV IX FC*D*E Dm9 (No VII)
5/35/4 Cm9 (No V) CEbBbD I bIII bVII bIX EbBb*C*D EbMaj13 (No III)
5/35/6 C(b6b9) (No III No V No VII) CAbBbDb I bVI bVII bIX DbAb*Bb*C
5/4/2 C6sus4 CEFGA I III IV V VI FCG*EA FMaj9
5/4/3 C139sus4 (No III No V) CFABbD I IV VI bVII IX BbFC*DA Bb69 F6sus4 Dm7b6
5/4/5 Cm7b6 CEbGAbBb I bIII V bVI bVII AbEbBb*CG Cmb13 Eb6sus4
5/4/6 Cmb9sus4 (No V No VII) CEbFAbDb I bIII IV bVI bIX DbAbEb*FC Fmb13
5/45/1 Cmaj9 (No III) CGBD I V VII IX CGD**B Gsus4
5/45/2 Csus4 CEFG I III IV V C suspended Fourth FCG**E
5/45/3 C13sus4 (No III No V) CFABb I IV VI bVII BbFC**A Fsus4
5/45/6 Cmb6b9 (No V No VII) CEbAbDb I bIII bVI bVII DbAbEb**C
5/5/1 CMaj69 (No III) CGABD I V VI VII IX CGDA*B G9sus4 (No VII)
5/5/2 C9sus4 (No VII) CEFGD I III IV V IX FCGD*E
5/5/3 C13sus4 (No III) CFGABb I IV V VI bVII BbFCG*A F9sus4 (No VII)
5/5/4 Cm9sus4 (No V) CEbFBbD I bIII IV bVII IX EbBbFC*D EbMaj9
5/5/6 Cmb6b9 (No V) CEbAbBbDb I bIII bVI bVII bIX DbAbEbBb*C Cmb13b9 (No V) Ab9sus4
6/0/2 CMaj69sus4 CEFGABD I II IV V VI VII IX FCGDAEB All the whites
6/0/5 Cm9b6sus4 CEbFGAbBbD I bIII IV V bVI bVII IX AbEbBbFCGD
6/0/6 Cm7b6b9 CEbFGAbBbDb I bIII IV V bVI bVII bIX DbAbEbBbFCG
6/0/7 Cm7b5b6b9sus4 (No V) CEbFGbAbBbDb I bIII IV bV bVI bVII bIX GbDbAbEbBbFC
6/2/1 CMaj69sus#4 (No V) CEF#ABD I III #IV VI VII IX C*DAEBF#
6/2/3 C13add9 CEGABbD I III V VI bVII IX Bb*CGDAE Gm69sus4 (No VII)
6/2/4 Cm69sus4 (No VII) CEbFGAD I bIII IV V VI IX Eb*FCGDA F13add9 Dm7b9sus4
6/2/5 C9b6sus4 (No III) CFGAbBbD I IV V bVI bVII IX Ab*BbFCGD
6/2/6 Cm7b9sus4 CEbFGBbDb I bIII VI V bVII bIX Db*EbBbFCG Eb7add6add9
6/2/7 Cm7addb6b5sus4 CEbFGbAbBb I bIII IV bV bVI bVII Gb*AbEbBbFC Ebm69sus4 (No VII)
6/23/1 CMaj76sus#4 (No V) CEF#AB I III #IV VI VII C**AEBF# Am69 (No VII)
6/23/4 Cm69 (No VII) CEbGAD I bIII V VI IX Eb**CGDA Cm69 No VII
6/23/5 C9b6(sus4) No III CFGAbD I IV V bVI IX Ab**FCGD Fm69 (No VII)
6/23/6 Cb6b9sus4 (No III) (VII) CFGAbDb I IV V bVI bIX DbAb**FCG Fm9b6 (No VII)
6/23/7 C(b5b6b9)sus4 (No III) (No V) (No VII) CFGbBbDb I IV bV bVII bIX GbDb**BbFC
6/234/1 CMaj7sus#4 (No V) CEF#B I III #IV VII C***EBF#
6/234/5 C9b6 (No III) CGAbD I V bVI IX Ab***CGD
6/234/6 Cb9sus4 (No III No VII) CFGDb I IV V bIX Db***FCG
6/234/7 C7b5sus4 (No III No V) CFGbBb I IV bV bVII Gb***BbFC
6/2345/1 CMaj7(sus#4) (No III No V) CF#B I #IV VII C****BF#
6/2345/6 Cb9 (No III No VII) CGDb I V bIX Db****CG
6/2345/7 Csus4b5 (No III No V) CFGb I IV bV Gb****FC Fb9 (No III No VII)
6/23456/1 Csus#4 (No III No V) CF# I#IV C*****F#
6/23456/7 CbV (No III No V) CGb I bV Gb*****C
6/235/1 CMaj13sus#4 (No III No V) CF#AB I #IV VI VII C**A*BF# B7b9 (No III)
6/235/4 Cm69 (No V No VII) CEbAD I bIII VI VII Eb**C*DA D7b9 (No III)
6/235/6 C7b9 (No III) CGBbDb I V bVII bIX Db**Bb*CG Gmb5sus4 (No V)
6/235/7 Cmb5sus4 (No V) CEbFGb I bIII IV bV Gb**Eb*FC F7b9 (No III)
6/236/1 C6sus#4 (No V) CEF#A I III #IV VI C**AE*F# Am#6
6/236/4 Cm6 CEbGA I bIII V VI Eb**CG*A
6/236/5 C(b6)sus4 (No V) CEFAb I III IV bVI Ab**FC*E FmMaj7
6/236/7 Cdim7 (No bbVII) Cm7b5 (No V) CEbGbBb I bIII bV bVII Gb**EbBb*C Gb6(sus#4) (No V) Ebm6
6/24/1 CMaj9sus#4 (No V) CEF#BD I III #IV VII IX C*D*EBF# E913 (No III) Bmb9sus4
6/24/3 C139 (No V) CEABbD I III VI bVII IX Bb*C*DAE Amb9sus4 (No VII)
6/24/5 C(b13b9) (No III) CGAbBbD I V bVI bVII IX Ab*Bb*CGD GmMaj7(sus4)
6/24/6 Cmb9sus4 (No VII) CEbFGDb I bIII IV V bIX Db*Eb*FCG F9b13 (No III)
6/24/7 C13sus4 (No III) CFGbAbBb I IV bV bVI bVII Gb*Ab*BbFC Fmb9sus4 (No VII)
6/245/1 CMaj9(sus#4) (No III No V) CF#BD I #IV VII IX C*D**BF# Bmb9
6/245/3 C13 (No V) CEABb I III VI bVII Bb*C**AE Amb9 (No VII)
6/245/6 Cmb9 (No VII) CEbGDb I bIII V bIX Db*Eb**CG
6/245/7 Csus4b5b6 (No III No V) CFGbAb I IV bV bVI Gb*Ab**FC Fmb9 (No VII)
6/2456/1 Csus#49 (No III No V No VII) CF#D I #IV IX C*D***F# D7 (No V)
6/2456/3 C7 (No V) CEBb I III bVII Bb*C***E
6/2456/7 C(b5b6) (No III No V) CGbAb I bV bVI Gb*Ab***C Ab7 (No V)
6/25/1 CMaj69sus#4 (No III No V) CF#ABD I #IV VI VII IX C*DA*BF# D13 Bm7b9
6/25/3 C13 CEGBbA I III V VI bVII C thirteenth Bb*CG*AE Am7b9
6/25/4 Cm69sus4 (No V No VII) CEbFAD I bIII IV VI IX C minor fifteenth sus four Eb*FC*DA F13 Dmb9
6/25/6 Cm7b9 CEbGBbDb I bIII V bVII bIX Db*EbBb*CG Eb13
6/25/7 Cmb5b6sus4 (No V) CEbFGbAb I bIII IV bV bVI Gb*AbEb*FC Ab13
6/256/1 CMaj9 (No III) CGBD I V VII IX C*GD**B Gsus4
6/256/3 C7 CEGBb I III V bVII C Dominant Seventh Bb*CG**E Gm6sus4 (No V)
6/256/4 Cm6sus4 (No V) CEbFA I bIII IV VI Eb*FC**A F7
6/256/7 CDiminishedb6 (No bbVII) CEbGbAb I bIII bV bVI Gb*AbEb**C Cmb6b5 (No V)
6/26/1 C69sus#4 (No V) CEF#AD I III #IV VI IX C*DAE*F# D9 Am6sus4
6/26/3 C9 CEGBbD I III V bVII IX C9 Bb*CGD*E Gm6sus4
6/26/4 Cm9sus4 (No VII) CEbFGD I bIII IV V IX Eb*FCG*D F139 (No III)
6/26/5 C9b6sus4 (No III No V) CFAbBbD I IV bVI bVII IX Ab*BbFC*D Bb9 Fm6sus4
6/26/7 Cmb13b9 (No V) CEbAbBbDb I bIII bVI bVII bIX Db*EbAbBb*C Ab9sus4 (No VII)
6/3/1 CMaj6sus#4 CEF#GAB I III #IV V VI VII CG*AEBF# Am139 Em9b6sus4
6/3/2 CMaj69sus4 (No V) CEFABD I III IV VI VII IX FC*DAEB FMaj6sus#4 Dm69
6/3/4 Cm96 CEbGABbD I bIII V VI bVII IX EbBb*CGDA Ebmaj9sus#4 Gm9b6sus4 (No VII)
6/3/5 Cm9b6sus4 (No VII) CEbFGAbD I bIII IV V bVI IX AbEb*FCGD Fm69
6/3/6 C(b9b6)sus4 (No III) CFGAbBbDb I IV V bVI bVII bIX DbAb*BbFCG
6/3/7 Cm(b9b5)sus4 (No V) Cdim7b9sus4 (No bbVII) CEbFGbBbDb I bIII IV bV bVII bIX GbDb*EbBbFC Ebm69
6/34/1 CMaj7(sus#4) CEF#GB I III #IV V VII CG**EBF# Em9b6 (No VII)
6/34/2 CMaj13sus#4 (No V) CEFAB I III IV VI VII FC**AEB FMaj7sus#4 Am9b6 (No VII)
6/34/5 Cm9b6 (No VII) CEbGAbD I bIII V bVI IX AbEb**CGD AbMaj7sus#4
6/34/6 C(b6b9)sus4 (No III) CFGAbDb I IV V bVI bIX DbAb**FCG DbMaj7sus#4 Fmb69 (No VII)
6/34/7 C(b5b9)sus4 (No III No V) CFGbBbDb I IV bV bVII bIX GbDb**BbFC GbMaj7sus#4
6/345/1 CMaj7sus#4 (No III) CF#GB I #IV V VII CG***BF#
6/345/2 CMaj7sus4 (No V) CEFB I III IV VII FC***EB Eb9b6 (No III)
6/345/6 C(b6b9) (No III No VII) CDbGAb I V bVI bIX DbAb***CG DbMaj7sus#5 (No III)
6/345/7 Csus4b5b9 (No III No V No VII) CFGbDb I IV bV bIX GbDb***FC
6/346/1 Csus#4 CEF#G I III #IV V CG**E*F# Em9b6 (No V No VII)
6/346/2 CMaj76sus4 (No III No V) CFAB I IV VI VII FC**A*B Fsus#4
6/346/5 Cm9b6 (No V) CEbAbD I bIII bVI IX AbEb**C*D Absus#4
6/346/7 C7b5b9 (No III No V) CGbBbDb I bV bVII bIX GbDb**Bb*C Gbsus#4
6/35/1 CMaj6sus#4 (No III) CF#GAB I #IV V VI VII CG*A*BF# GMaj9sus4 (No V)
6/35/2 C69sus4 (No V No VII) CDEFA I II III IV VI FC*D*AE FMaj6 Dm9
6/35/4 Cm139 (No V0 CEbABbD I bIII VI bVII IX EbBb*C*DA
6/35/6 Cb139 (No III) CGAbBbDb I V bVI bVII bIX DbAb*Bb*CG
6/35/7 Cmb5b9sus4 (No V) CEbFGbDb I bIII IV bV bIX GbDb*Eb*FC
6/36/1 C6sus#4 CEF#GA I III IV V VI CG*AE*F# Am13
6/36/2 CMaj69sus4 (No III No V) CFABD I IV VI VII IX FC*DA*B F6b5 Dm13
6/36/4 Cm13 CEbGBbA I bIII V bVII XIII C minor thirteenth EbBb*CG*A Eb6#4
6/36/5 Cmb69sus4 (No V) CEbFAbD I bIII IV bVI IX AbEb*FC*D Ab6sus#4 Fm13
6/36/7 Cm7b5b9 (No V) CEbGbBbDb I bIII bV bVII bIX GbDb*EbBb*C Gb6sus#4 Ebm13
6/4/1 C69sus#4 (No V) (No VII) CEF#GAD I III #IV V VI IX CGDAE*F# D9sus4 Am13sus4
6/4/2 CMaj6sus4 CEFGAB I III IV V VI VII FCG*AEB FMaj9sus#4 Am9b6
6/4/3 C69sus4 (No V) CEFABbD I III IV VI bVII IX BbFC*DAE BbMaj9sus#4 Amb6b9sus4 (No VII) Dmb13b9
6/4/5 Cm9b13 CEbGAbBbD I bIII V bVI bVII bXI AbEbBb*CGD Abmaj79sus#4 Gmb6b9sus4
6/4/6 Cmb6b9sus4 (No VII) CEbFGAbDb I bIII IV V bVI bIX DbAbEb*FCG AbMaj13sus4 Fm9b6
6/4/7 C(b5b6b9) (No III No V) CFGbAbBbDb I IV bV bVI bVII bIX GbDbAb*BbFC GbMaj7b9sus#4 Fmb6b9sus4 (No VII)
6/45/1 CMaj9sus#4 (No III) CF#GBD I #IV V VII IX CGD**BF# Gmaj7sus4 Bmb9b6 (No VII)
6/45/2 CMaj7sus4 CEFGB I III IV V VII C Major seven sus four FCG**EB Emb6b9 (No VII)
6/45/3 C13sus4 (No V) CEFABb I III IV VI bVII C thirteen sus four no fifth BbFC**AE FMaj7sus4 Amb6b9 (No VII)
6/45/6 Cmb6b9 (No VII) CDbEbGAb I bII bIII V bVI DbAbEb**CG AbMaj7 sus4
6/45/7 C-b5b6b9sus4 CDbFGbAb I bII IV bV bVI GbDbAb**FC
6/456/1 C9sus#4 (No III) (No VII) CDF#G I II #IV V CGD***F# D7sus4 (No V)
6/456/2 CMaj7sus4 (No III) CFGB I IV V VII FCG***B G7sus4 (No V)
6/456/3 C7sus4 (No V) CEFBb I III IV bVII BbFC***E FMaj7sus4 (No III)
6/456/7 C-b5b6b9 (No III) (No V) (No VII) CDbGbAb I bII bV bVI GbDbAb***C
6/46/1 C9sus#4 (No VII) CDEF#G I II III #IV V CGD*E*F#
6/46/2 CMaj6sus4 CFGAB I IV V VI VII FCG*A*B F9sus#4 (No VII) Am9b6 (No V)
6/46/3 C9sus4 (No V) CDEFBb I II III IV VII BbFC*D*E Bb9sus#4 (No VII)
6/46/5 Cm9b6 (No V) CDEbAbBb I II bIII bVI bVII AbEbBb*C*D Ab9susb4 (No VII)
6/46/7 Cb9b6b5 (No III) (No V) CDbGbAbBb I bII bV bVI bVII GbDbAb*Bb*C
6/5/1 CMaj69sus#4 (No III) CDF#GAB I II #IV V VI VII CGDA*BF# D13sus4 Bm7b6b9
6/5/4 Cm69sus4 CDEbFABb I II bIII IV VI bVII EbBbFC*DA
6/5/6 Cmb6b9 CDbEbGAbBb I bIII V bVI bVII bIX DbAbEbBb*CG
6/5/7 Cmb6b9sus4 (No V) CDbEbFAbBb I bII bIII IV bVI bVII GbDbAbEb*FC
6/56/1 C69sus#4 (No III) (No VII) CDF#GA I II #IV V VI CGDA**F# D7sus4
6/56/2 CMaj9sus4 (No III) CDFGB I II IV V VII FCGD**B G7sus4 Dm13sus4 (No V)
6/56/3 C7sus4 CEFGBb I III IV V bVII BbFCG**E
6/56/4 Cm13sus4 (No V) CEbFABb I bIII IV VI bVII EbBbFC**A F7sus4
6/56/7 Cmb9b6b5 (No V) (No VII) CDbEbGbAb I bII bIII bV bVI GbDbAbEb**C Ab7sus4 Ebm13 (No V)
6/6/1 C69sus#4 (No VII) CDEF#GA I II III #IV V VI CGDAE*F# D9sus4
6/6/2 CMaj69sus4 (No III) CDFGAB I II IV V VI VII FCGDA*B F69sus#4 (No VII) Dm13sus4
6/6/3 C9sus4 CDEFGBb I II III IV V bVII BbFCGD*E Bb69sus#4 (No VII) Gm13sus4
6/6/4 Cm13sus4 CEbFGABb I bIII IV V VI bVII EbBbFCG*A
6/6/5 Cm913sus4 (No V) CDEbFAbBb I II bIII IV bVI bVII AbEbBbFC*D Ab69sus#4 (No VII) Bb9sus4
6/6/7 Cmb5b6b9 (No V) CDbEbGbAbBb I bII bIII bV bVI bVII GbDbAbEbBb*C Gb13sus#4
7/2356/7 Cmb5 CEbGbG I bIII bV V C minor flattened fifth Gb**Eb**CG
8/2345678/1 CAug CEG# I III #V Augmented C***E***G#
8/2347/8 Cmb8 CEbGCb I bIII V bVIII C minor flattened Octave Cb***EbBb*CG Eb6b6
8/23478/6 C(b6) (No VII) CEGAb I III V bVI C Flattened Sixth (Neopolitan sixth) Ab***CG**E
8/23678/4 CmMaj7 CEbGB I bIII V VII C minor major seventh Eb**CG***B
8/2478/5 C(b13) CEGBbAb I III V bVII bXIII C flattened thirteenth Ab*Bb*CG**E
9/235689/10 Cdim CEbGbBbb I bIII bV bbVII Diminished Bbb**Gb**Eb**C
9/23569/10 Cdim7 CEbGbBbbBb I bIII bV bbVII bVII C diminished seventh Bbb**Gb**EbBb*C
9/23589/6 C(b9) CEGBbDb I III V bVII bIX C Flattened Ninth Db**Bb*CG**E
9/39/4 Cm693sus#4 CEbEF#GABbD I bIII III #IV V VI bVII IX C six nine flat three sus sharp four EbBb*CGDAE*F#
10/23456910/7 C (b5) CEGbG I III bV V C Major Flattened Fifth Gb*****CG**E
10/2346910/7 C(b12) CEGGb I III V bVII bXII C flattened twelfth Gb***Bb*CG**E
11/2345671011/8 C(b8) CEGCb I III V bVIII C Major Flattened Octave Cb******CG**E
11/2367891011/4 Cm#12 CEbGG# I bIII V #XII C minor sharp twelve Eb**CG******G# Cmsus#4
12/2345681112/9 C(b11) CEGBbFb I III V bVII bXI C flattened eleventh Fb*****Bb*CG**E
12/25689101112/3 C(#13) CEGBbA# I III V bVII #XIII C sharp thirteenth Bb*CG**E*****A#
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